Fetzpahs Consulting is a provider of practical solutions to problems in the chemistry and analysis of petroleum-related materials and the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The size of projects can be large or small, with rates that are flexible enough to meet budgetary constraints.

The principal, John C. Fetzer, is a recognized world-class expert in the chemistry and analysis of the polycyclic aromatic compounds. Specialist in the development of separation and compositional analysis methods aimed particularly at crude oil, its distillate fractions (including asphalt and residuum), catalytically-processed petroleum products (waxes, mineral oils, lube oil basestocks, fuels, and intermediate oils, petrochemical products, and additives. He has a high-level of expertise in high-performance liquid, supercritical fluid, gel-permeation and gas chromatographies, and fluorescence and UV absorbance measurements.

Analytical Chemistry Consulting Services

  • Environmental Analysis – Data Quality, Chemical Analysis Solutions, Work with Laboratories
  • Explain Chemistry of Poly-cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons – Occurrence, Sources, Degradation, Oxidation, Synthesis, Physical Properties, etc.
  • Develop New Analyses for Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, PAHs, Environmental Concerns

Soft Skills for Scientists and Engineers

  • Dealing with a Bad Boss
  • Writing and Speaking Skills
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Incentives and Rewards
  • Team Building
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Academia, Industry, and Government Service
  • Being Technically Diverse
  • Starting or Changing Career Direction
  • Understanding Others

Expert Witness

Dr. Fetzer is an experienced expert witness, having written 9 submitted expert reports, given 7 depositions, and given sworn testimony in 1 case and also to the California Public Utilities Commission. These have been both for plaintiffs and defendants in areas of patents, chemical analyses, chemical behaviors, the composition of petroleum and its products, and hydrocarbon chemistry.

Depositions, Expert Reports, and Trial Testimonies

Pearl, et ux vs. Safety Kleen Systems, case number BC 358327. I was retained by the law firm of Jones, Carr, McGoldrick LLP of Dallas TX through Cecon, a consulting coordination group in Pennsylvania. They represent the defendants. My participation in these cases dealt with trace contaminant analysis of complex hydrocarbon mixtures and the behavior of distillation equipment. A deposition was given in November, 2008 as conjoined cases.
I was retained by Yeroushalmi and Associates LLP of Los Angeles CA on behalf of the plaintiff. My participation in this case dealt with the analysis of an organic aromatic amine in water-based samples and the chemistry related to that. This pertained to California Proposition 65 compliance. A deposition was given in May, 2009 and trial testimony given in June, 2009.
I was retained by Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan, & Conboy LLC of Pittsburgh PA on behalf of the plaintiffs. This case involved the processing of coal tar pitch into carbon electrodes used in aluminum smelting and whether polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons would be released and exposed workers. I wrote an expert report which was submitted as evidence. A deposition for a Frye challenge was given in August, 2014.
I was retained by Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton, P.C of Pittsburgh PA on behalf of the defendants. This case involved a patent infringement suit involving the use of carbon black as the pigment in solutions used for tattooing as a marker for internal surgeries. At issue was the level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the carbon black. Expert report was written and submitted as evidence. Deposition given September, 2011
I was retained by Collins Einhorn Farrell, P.C of Southfield MI on behalf of Liberty Mutual Insurance, insurer for IGI, a wax manufacturer of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The case involved alleged hydrocarbon-contamination of cereals within boxes that utilized a multi-layered bag, which had a layer of wax. The contaminants supposedly migrated into the cereal, causing taste and odor issues for consumers. An expert report was written and submitted as evidence. A deposition given in September, 2013.
I was retained by Danna McKittrick, Inc., representing the defendants. The case involved patent infringement of a solvent system used to clean pads for reuse in cleaning applications and the nature of solvents and their behaviors. An expert report was written and submitted as evidence in February, 2015.
I was retained by Sutton Mcaughan Deaver PLLC of Houston TX on behalf of FlowChem LLC. The case involved a patent at issue about the use of drag-reducing additives for the transports of heavy-crude oils, bitumens, and related material through pipelines. An expert report was written and submitted August 17, 2016. A deposition was given in August, 2016.
I was retained by Danna McKittrick, Inc., representing the defendants. This case involved a breach of contract dispute arising out of the results of # 6 above. An expert report was written and submitted as evidence in December, 2016.

Additionally, I provided sworn testimony for a hearing of the California Public Utilities Commission in April, 2005. I was retained through the Batelle Institute for the Port of San Francisco, an agency of the city and county of San Francisco. I worked directly with attorneys from the city and county of San Francisco and during the hearing was cross-examined by both the attorneys for the Commission and for Reliant and Pacific Gas and Electric Company, who were the owner and previous-owner of a site on the San Francisco Bay that was contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.